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2013-08-28 23:30:03 GMT
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Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans! (So I'm early, so what?) And hello to all my friends here at TPB! Hey, this is my 1,000th torrent upload. I hope you will enjoy a 6th big-ass set of excellent collected editions, chosen by me from my last 24 years of comic book reading joy. In this one (and thanks to blackcanary), I was able to include the first comic book I can remember AND the first comic I ever bought. Very soon my first purchase will be 25 years in the past!

Please help seed, so everyone can enjoy these books. (It should go without saying that this will take several days to seed properly.) I will be seeding it for months to come.

260 trade paperbacks, hardcovers and graphic novels from Dark Horse, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image, Marvel, and other fine publishers! (You can also still grab my first 5 collections ... links below...)


ALL CREDIT MUST GO TO THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND INCREDIBLY DEDICATED SCANNERS, as well as all the writers and artists of so many wonderful series.


My previous big-ass torrents:

101 graphic novels
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150 graphic novels
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And character-specific selections:

Iron Man:

Also, mega packs with 4,300+ Image Comics (these were not my collection):


And some odds 'n' ends:

Nth Man
Life With Archie
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markm4n, you should ask MrclScns. he's the one who made those 2 compilations. his user page is , just go and leave a request on his most recent torrent, assuming he doesn't see your comment here.
Will do, thanks for the tip ;)
Holy shit. Thank you so much! Congrats on the 1000th up!
Omg another amazing upload, thank you my friend. And congrats on 1000!
you're welcome, gentlemen (and ladies, if applicable). i'm almost sure this torrent has received more comments than any of my others, and for that i say thanks to all of you. makes me feel good!
@STFmaryville can you give me the link of Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel (2013) DK. plzz...
I have some hard to find international comics from my old Demonoid days. Thing is I'm not usually into seeding b/c my connection isn't very fast and where I'm based can cause a sticky situation if one isn't careful or is unlucky. Is there some way I could get them to you to share with others? Is that even something you are interested in?
rakib2099, here ya go:

nivea55, totally understand but i'm probably too busy to get them from you. i'd suggest finding a site (like, or perhaps one where you don't have to deal with a 3rd-party server) where you could join up and upload a few choice and/or rare selections at a time. then just promote it here from time to time.

another good idea might be to join the Suprbay forums (the Forum link is at the bottom of this page) and post the same question on there. you might find some enthusiasts with plenty of time who'd help you re-distribute them!
been stuck on 99,9% for 5 days now :(
kunfux, that surprises me.

TPB says 33 seeders and my uTorrent shows an availability of over 15 just in my swarm (definition: number of complete copies of the torrent contents there are distributed in the part of the swarm you're connected to).

the .1% you're missing would be 43 MiB? which file(s) is/are incomplete for you?

i can seed just the .1% you need for several hours, which in theory would result in you definitely getting the missing pieces.
so is anyone else having that problem?
or can i now disregard this complaint as bullshit/n00bism?
I have to say im having the same issues.... there is at lest 91 seeders and im getting nothing and when i do get a connection im uploading faster then im downloading
first, that's not the same issue. kunfux said he'd gotten stuck at 99.9% as if no one was seeding 100%. like i wrote, several copies of each and every file are still available from seeders.

second, i've been seeding this for 5 weeks straight at 600-700 kB/s, with few exceptions 24 hours a day. as of october 1, my ISP has capped our data, so that won't happen anymore (or the bill will triple). so i've decided to seed old torrents when requested, and for as long as possible to ensure there are still seeds. if people are greedy, leech but don't seed what they've grabbed, i can't help that.

right now i'm showing 84 seeders in my swarm of 318 users, with availability of 5.999, which means the equivalent of 5 people seeding 100% of this big torrent. so i'm shutting down my computer and going to bed. the files are out there. if it's a slow download, sorry but that's just bad fucking luck.
seeded more this morning. showing 112 seeders out of 392 in my swarm, and availability of 20.999 (over 20 full copies of the torrent).
i know its not your fault, its those that have downloaded it and wont share it. Plus these days a lot of companys are blocking the trackers, im having to use the DHT to get anything from the server as all the trackers are blocked
i don't worry about all that crap. if enough people download the entire torrent and a good number of people are still sharing it, i call that a win.
I've been looking for the 3 new Knightfall Volumes that came out in 2012? Anyone have those?
as far as i know, none of the scan groups have released them. they are available digitally on comixology and amazon, so i'm sure they'll eventually be made available...
milton595, i think TheHand may have seen your request?
Geez STFmaryville!!! You're like the damn Library of Congress for comic books LOL. You are the MAN!
Superb Upload!! Thank you so much for this great effort. Thaaaaanx!!!!
Thanks for the compliment, doctor_roxo. And you're welcome, Oso_Rojo!
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